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Tech Wizards has grown to become a leader in I.T. support for small and mid-sized businesses. Owner Bryan Brower and his team of expert technicians, engineers and Service Coordinators have a proven record of delivering top-quaility high-value tech support. 


Bryan Brower - Owner of Tech Wizards"WORRY-FREE I.T. SERVICES - WE DELIVER!
We believe our success is the result of our realization that most successful organizations understand the importance of I.T. in today's competitive business environment but need to concentrate on their core priorities. So we help them achieve a "Worry-Free" I.T. environment. By decreasing server and workstation downtime we help companies increase efficiency and productivity, resulting in increased profits.  Tech Wizards' Flat-Rate I.T. Solutions enable our clients to lower IT service costs, usher in a new sense of business security, and (most importantly) enjoy peace of mind knowing their IT services are in the trusted hands of a true IT partner who has a vested interest in helping them get the most from their I.T.


As an authorized N-Able Technologies partner, we offer a proven service portfolio for customers looking for any level of service from simple tech support services to complete outsourced IT management. We also offer hourly I.T. services when that is the best option for your company.  Contact us today for a FREE no-obligation consultation and we will provide an honest assessment of your current I.T. environment and recommend the services that will help you company be more productive and save money on your I.T. usage and support costs.


Our fixed flat-rate pricing model allows predictable IT expenitures and budgeting that isn't possible with the traditional hourly support model.  And with our Responsive, Proactive, and Totally Managed MSP programs we can  monitor and maintain your network, identify and address issues before they develop into problems, resolve many issues remotely "in the background", and get onsite technicians to your location much more quickly when needed... all at a stable, budgeted fixed fee. 


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Why should you choose Tech Wizards? (It's all about trust).

  1. YOU CAN TRUST TECH WIZARDS - Since 2001, locally owned and operated Tech Wizards has developed a long history of satisfied customers in the greater Raleigh/Durham area, with a perfect A+ Better Business Bureau rating and winner of the Angie's List "Super Service Award" over the last 10 years.  You will almost always reach a "live human being" by telephone rather than an answering machine.
  2. YOU CAN TRUST OUR TECHNICIANS AND ENGINEERS - We hire only the most highly-trained and skilled technicians who have a proven track record of both technical accomplishment and customer service success.  And Tech Wizards provides continuing education and training to keep their skill sets strong and up-to-date.
  3. YOU CAN TRUST YOUR DATA WITH US - In addition to abiding by the MSP Alliance Code of Ethical Conduct, our staff is bound by a very strict company Privacy Policy designed to assure the privacy of your data and private company information.  Our technicians and engineers are also bound by a signed non-disclosure contract when providing service to your equipment.
  4. YOU CAN TRUST OUR INVOICING AND BILLING SYSTEM- Tech Wizards utilizing a state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) and a customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application to insure the accurate tracking, documentation and invoicing of all service provided.
  5. YOU CAN TRUST OUR ADVICE, GUIDANCE AND RECOMMENDATIONS - Our primary business is service, not selling hardware or software applications.  Our business is providing top-notch support to small and mid-sized businesses and helping them get the most from their technology invenstments at a cost that is a better value than is available from other tech support options.  As your trusted technology partner, our goal will always be to give you the best unbiased feedback possible on which to base your technology decisions.

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