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Comprehensive Protection For Desktop & Laptop PCs

Why do we call it Tech Wizards' EndPoint Security Magic? Because this is the only solution that includes, in a single-priced suite, all necessary protections for IT assets including a host-based intrusion prevention system and instant program remote support from Tech Wizards , PLUS basic monitoring to alert you of any existing or developing problems with your computer.


Complete Windows Protection

Delivers an all-in-one security solution, including anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, anti-malware, personal firewall and host intrusion prevention for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2003 and Server 2008. Advanced proactive technologies such as the genetic heuristic engine, behavioral blocking and behavioral scanning ensure your networks are fully protected.

Most Affordable Protection Available

Endpoint Security Magic is competitive with or (in most cases) less expensive than any other leading anti-virus/anti-spyware security suite while providing more comprehensive protection.  And unlike any of its' competitors, EndPoint Security Magic includes FREE monitoring, alerting and instant remote access at no extra charge.  Remember too that support is as easy as a phone call or email to Tech Wizards!

FREE Basic Computer Monitoring & Reporting Included!

EndPoint Security Magic includes basic monitoring of your computer, which can alert you to many potential or existing problems with your PC including (but not limited to): Excessive CPU usage, Internet connectivity problems, lack of sufficient hard drive free space, insufficient RAM memory, and needed Windows Updates.  Monthly AV Reports and Threat Reports keep you advised of the status of your computer and your security.

Exchange Server Endpoint Security Module

EndPoint Security Magic includes support for Microsoft Exchange 2003 and 2007 servers. This module provides integrated server-side anti-virus and anti-spam protection for Exchange mail systems. As with the existing modules, the Exchange protection is fully integrated to support quarantine management and reporting. Even better — the Exchange Protection module is licensed as part of EndPoint Security Magic.

Around-the-clock updates

EndPoint Security Magic automatically downloads the latest detection updates even if a device is temporarily outside its internal network. This provides maximum up-to-date protection anywhere, any time.

Instant Remote Support

Once installed, EndPoint Security Magic allows Tech Wizards technicians to instantly access your computer remotely (with your permission) via an Internet connection to address any program troubleshooting needed.

Detailed Reports

This all-in-one solution provides security status and security threat reports – important for companies with regulatory compliance requirements.

  • The EndPoint Security Magic Status Report presents the status of your security configuration, giving you the power to demonstrate that your endpoint protection programs are implemented and working.
  • The PC Security Threats Report enables you to review the threat detections, actions taken to neutralize each threat and track the history and volume of threats over time.

Centrally managed quarantine

Allows you to review any suspicious files that have been isolated and determine the course of action for each.

Features Checkist

Anti-virus and anti-spyware
Intrusion prevention
Proactive detection
On-demand behavioral analysis
Rule-based system behavior blocking
Standard anti-spam protection
Malware audit & disinfection service
Application control
WildList proactive detection
Behavioral analysis detection
Rootkit detection


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