Advantages of Fixed Flat-Rate Fees

Tech Wizards offers fixed flat-rate fees for our "Magic" managed solution programs, which provide significant advantages over hourly "time-and-materials" or "break/fix" tech support services for many businesses.  A Tech Wizards "Magic" managed solutions Consultant can help you assess your company's dependence on network uptime and determine if fixed flat-rate fees can save your company money.  If so, fixed rate fees will provide the following advantages...

  • BETTER VALUE - You save money via improved (more comprehensive) service, less downtime, improved employee morale and productivity, fewer distractions from your core business focus (because you have “worry-free I.T.”, and lower rates  as a result of a mutual commitment with Tech  Wizards.

  • LOCKED-IN RATES - Lock in your low rates for one, two, or even three years!

  • STABLIZED COSTS - Tech Support expense becomes stable and consistent, regardless of how much support is needed/requested.

  • EASY I.T. BUDGETING - Tech Support expense projections and budgeting becomes a “precise science” since virtually all expenses are included in one fixed flat-rate fee.

  • PAYMENT TERM DISCOUNTS - You can save even more money by taking advantage of extended term payment discounts:

    • Get approximately two weeks of service per year free by paying on a quarterly basis.

    • Get one full month of service free by paying on an annual basis.  

Schedule your FREE no-obligation Managed Solutions Consultation now to determine if our Managed Solutions can lower downtime and save money for your business!