Total Management Magic

Our Total Management Magic solution is designed to let you forget about I.T. issues and focus on your business.  This comprehensive monitoring, maintenance, and management program provides unlimited support and complete I.T. vendor management at a fixed flat-rate fee.  This new approach to proactive tech support means that you no longer trade your money for tech support labor hours.  Instead, you are investing in performance-based results while lowering your cost of I.T. usage and increasing the productivity of you and your staff.  For businesses that can't afford downtime, this is our premier "all-you-can-eat" tech support solution that provides guaranteed I.T. services and higher-value support than virutually any other tech support option.  Here are just a few of the advantages of this Service Level Agreement (SLA)-backed program...


  • Includes all of the features of our Enhanced Monitoring Magic service so problem remediation response time is dramatically reduced as a result 24/7/365 network monitoring and alerts by our Network Operations Center (NOC). This includes...

    • Documentation, Reporting & Asset Management.

    • 24/7/365 Availability, Health & Performance, and Predictive Failure Monitoring.

    • Instant Alerts for fast remediation of existing or potential issues..

  • Includes our Proactive Maintenance Magic service to insure that your systems are always up-to-date and properly maintained to insure peak performance and speed.  This includes...

    • Initial System and Security Assessment and optimization procedure.

    • Guranteed scheduled remote and onsite "best practices"-based maintenance procedures implemented via our exclusive "Maintenance Magic" Checklists.

    • Automatic Patch Management (Windows Updates).

  • "All-You-Can-Eat" Unlimited Support - No more tracking service call labor hours, with every hour adding charges to your invoice.  We handle everything for you (during established service hours as specified in your SLA) at one affordable fixed flat-rate fee.  Our Help Desk and Network Operations Center (NOC) are instantly accessible via password-protected access to our Online Support Portal for Trouble Ticket creation and tracking, or by calling our fully-staffed Help Desk.  Call on us anytime for advice, consulting, guidance or service without worrying about any additional expense.   Click here to learn more about the advantages of unlimited support.

  • I.T. Vendor Management - We handle all of your "I.T. stuff" for you, including our Internet Service Provider (ISP), telephone service provider, Copier vendor, and application vendors.  Click here to learn more about the advantages of vendor management.

  • Totally Fixed Flat-Rate I.T. Labor Expense - No more “roller coaster” tech support costs varying monthly based on “what broke last month”.  Your I.T. expense is stablized and can be easily budgeted.  Click here to learn more about the advantages of flat-rate fees.

  • No More Break/Fix Mentality where your tech support company doesn’t make money until something on your network fails. 

  • Superior Tech Support & Highest Priority Service Level - Now your tech support company has a strong incentive to keep your systems up and running at peak performance with practically zero downtime.  And your service calls are given highest priority by our Help Desk.

  • Quarterly Virtual CIO Meetings - You can call on us for I.T. advice, guidance, evaluations, project management, technology reviews, and planning sessions in order to get the most from your I.T. investments.

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) - This document defines response and resolution times and insures that you always receive highest priority service.

  • Truly Worry-Free I.T. - Now you have the peace of mind of knowing your systems are being constantly monitored, regularly maintained, and serviced as needed at an affordable fixed fee.   We even manage all of your other I.T. vendors for you for truely Worry-Free I.T.

Please note that not all companies will qualify for this premium support program.

Your Tech Wizards Solutions Consultant can provide qualification details.


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