Flat-Rate MSP Solutions Overview

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 Monitoring Magic
Our entry-level monitoring solutions are designed to reduce the impact of I.T. failures on your business by reducing the amount of time from failure to recovery and, in most cases, relieve you of the need to report failures for remediation.  This is accomplished by leveraging our state-of-the-art 24/7/365 monitoring tools.  By constantly monitoring mission critical devices and services, when an impending problem or a failure is detected, an Instant Alert is immediately generated to our Help Desk. Depending on if you've pre-approved remediation, we'll either start troubleshooting right away (in which case, the problem may be resolved even before you become aware of it) or we'll inform you of the issue and let you decide if you want us to handle it or if you want to correct the problem yourself.

This plan is for businesses looking for a low-cost fixed flat-rate fee monitoring solution or monitoring backed by a team of skilled technicians and network engineers on call for reactive support issues.  Although no maintenance procedures or labor hours are included in this plan, pre-paid blocks of hours are available at a discount, as well as discounts for project work.     Essential Monitoring Magic     Enhanced Monitoring Magic
Maintenance Magic
In addition to the monitoring services summerized above, our Proactive Maintenance Magic solution includes regularly scheduled, comprehensive, proactive "best practice"-based system maintenance checklists, system optimization procedures, patch management, and the Predictive Failure Monitoring capabilities of our Network Operations Center (NOC).  You also gain access to our online Trouble Ticket creation and tracking system, Asset Management Services, full documentation of your network, and monthly Executive Summary Reports detailing the health and performance of your network.

Industry data suggests that as much as 95% of I.T. downtime occurs as a result of preventable failures.  This fixed flat-rate fee program is particularly valuable to businesses who place a high value on network "uptime" and who suffer reduced staff productivity and morale when their systems are down or not operating at peak performance and speed.  Although no labor hours are included in this plan, pre-paid blocks of hours are available at a discount greater than that provided to non-contract customers, as well as discounts for project work.  Click here for more details.

Total Management Magic

Our premier Managed Solution plan provides completely "Worry-Free I.T" at a fixed flat-rate fee.  This proactive managed service solution covers every aspect of your I.T. environment for you, letting you focus on your core business priorities.  And the wide range of services included in this plan provide a significantly better value than any other tech support model.

Business who qualify for this program receive all of the services of the above two plans plus our highest Service Priority Level, our Premium Security Services package, guaranteed response times, our most comprehensive Monthly Reports, and a FREE replacment server in the event of catastrophic damage to your server.  All services are detailed and guaranteed in your Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The most popular feature of this plan is the Unlimited Support provided.  No more trading money for labor hours; no more debating if you should call for support and incur additional expense; no more billable hours.  Instead of paying for service calls, you are investing in performance and results.  We provide "all-you-can-eat" telephone support, remote desktop access support and on-site support at one fixed flat-rate fee.  Now your I.T. expenses are stablized and very easy to budget from year to year.  No more surprises!

Another favorite benefit of this plan is our Complete I.T. Vendor Management, where we take over responsibility for managing your other I.T. vendors including your ISP, your telephone service provider, your copier vendor and your major software application vendors.

Businesses looking for complete I.T. outsourcing solution with very fast response times and a team of highly trained technicians and network engineers always available for problem remediation, consulting, or strategic I.T. planning will find great value in this Totally Managed Solution.  Call today for a consultation to see if you qualify for "Worry-Free I.T." from Tech Wizards.  Click here for more details.


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