Advantages of Proactive Managed Solutions vs. Reactive Hourly Break/Fix Service

Since computers first arrived in the small business workplace, tech support has been provided on a reactive basis, meaning that when a computer user had a problem with their computer (or server, or network) they called a tech support company to fix the problem.  The tech support company would then troubleshoot the problem to try to determine the cause of the problem, then work to find a solution that would get the system working again as quickly as possible.  So the customer was happy until the problem reoccurred or another problem arose and the process would be repeated.

 This reactive tech support model usually results in a constant “fire-fighting” approach to dealing with computer problems, along with extended down time and service interruptions.  This approach also encourages the tech support company to find the quickest and easiest solution to patch the problem and get the system up as soon as possible, rather than to find the root cause of the problem and apply a permanent fix that prevents the problem from reoccurring.  Depending on the integrity of the tech support company, this can actually put the tech support company in a position of being less inclined to provide good solid “permanent” fixes to problems since they only get paid when they are called to resolve a problem.

This traditional reactive “break/fix” model for tech support remains a viable option for some small companies. However, as network “uptime” has become critical for even the most basic business functions most small and mid-sized businesses are now moving toward a much more proactive approach that decreases server/network downtime while providing better value for each dollar invested in tech support.  

As a certified Managed Services Provider (MSP), Tech Wizards offers a full array of proactive managed solutions .  An MSP provides a comprehensive line of monitoring and maintenance services designed to predict and prevent most server and network issues before the impact your network uptime and the productivity of you and your staff.  This not only minimizes disruptions to your workflow but also increases the overall speed and performance of your network infrastructure.  By focusing on results rather than billable hours, this proactive approach encourages the tech support company to find solid “permanent” solutions to problems in order to keep all systems running as efficiently as possible since the better the customer’s systems run the fewer expenses the tech support company incurs in honoring the service guanteed by the Service Level Agreement (SLA).  

Usually accomplished with a technology partner who provides highly specialized monitoring and remote access tools (ours is N-able, the leader in the MSP tools field), the MSP combines these tools with their own team of technology experts and engineers to provide efficient, proactive tech support. 

From simple monitoring (to reduce remediation time) to complete tech support outsourcing via a total management solution (taking full responsibility for the entire IT environment), successful MSPs are more of a partner than a service provider to their clients.  

In addition to minimizing network downtime and maximizing user productivity, two of the major advantages of a proactive approach to tech support for your company include providing better value and stabilizing the cost of the service, which allows easier, more accurate budgeting of on-going IT expenses. 

By utilizing one of our proactive "Magic" MSP solutions, I.T. expenses are always more predictable, downtime is minimized, and total cost is often less expensive than pre-purchasing discounted blocks of “reactive” labor hours.  While pre-purchasing blocks of reactive labor hours can somewhat reduce the expense of hourly-based break/fix service calls, the Managed Solutions provided by an MSP like Tech Wizards offers better value, greater stability of cost, and increased reliability of service.


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