Advantages of Unlimited Support

Unlimited support during regular business hours is one of the major features of our Total Management Magic solution and is only available as a part of that program.  In conjunction with our monitoring and maintenance programs, unlimited support provides truely "Worry-Free I.T." for small and mid-sized businesses, removing I.T. distractions and down-time to allow you and your staff to focus on your core business priorites: Increasing sales and improving profits.  Advantages include...

  • NO MORE "BILLABLE HOURS" - You get “all-you-can-eat” support and (if and when needed) repairs via telephone, remote access or on-site service (during business hours).  After-hours support is also available (additional charges apply).

  • NO MORE ADDED LABOR CHARGES - Never again will you hesitate to call for service during regular business hours, no matter how minor the issue, because it will never cost you a dime more than your fixed flat-rate fee.

  • NO MORE DECISIONS AS TO IF YOU SHOULD TRY TO FIX AN IT PROBLEM YOURSELF - Never again will you be distracted by I.T. issues that you have been handling yourself in the past.  Let us do it; it won’t cost you a dime more and you can focus on your business rather than on technology issues.

  • NO MORE UNEXPECTED SERVER REPLACEMENT COSTS - Should you have an unrepairable server crash you won’t have to worry about large additional hardware and costs; all labor is covered by your fixed flat-rate fee and we provide you with a free replacement server to be sure your systems are back up and running as quickly as possible.  Some limitations may apply.

  • NO MORE TRADING MONEY FOR LABOR HOURS - You no longer pay for repairs by the hour.  Instead, you are paying for guaranteed peformance-based results.  More than ever, it is in our best interests to keep you systems running smoothly and keep you network as stable as possible with minimal downtime.  

  • NO MORE HASSLES WITH OTHER I.T. HARDWARE & SOFTWARE VENDORS - The Unlimited Support provided with our Total Management Magic solution includes complete I.T. Vendor Management services.  You no longer deal with your ISP, your telephone/VOIP service provider, your Copier vendor, or your major software application vendors; we handle all of them for you!  Note: Some limitations may apply.  Vendor support contracts (cost borne by client) may be required with some major applications.

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