Advantages of I.T. Vendor Management

NO MORE HASSLES WITH OTHER I.T. VENDORS - The complete I.T. Vendor Management services included with our Total Management Magic solution (and available at extra charge with any of our other programs) frees up time now spent dealing with your ISP, your telephone/VOIP service provider, your Copier vendor, or your major software application vendors.  We'll handle all of them for you, letting you focus on your business, not your I.T.  Here are the advantages of our I.T. Vendor Management services...

  • We’ll represent you with all of your technology vendors or only those you don’t want to deal with; it’s your choice!

  • Why waste time calling technology vendors, waiting on hold until they finally answer, and then trying to work through a tech support issue that is not (and should not be) a part of your skill set?  Let us do it!  And the best part is that this service is included in your fixed flat-rate fee so it won’t cost you a dime.  Now you can focus on your business rather than wasting time with these vendors or being the “middle man” between these vendors and your tech support company.

  • We’ll “do all the work” when it comes to your telephone service, your internet service, your copiers, printers and scanners, and any or all of your application software vendors.

  • Through our partner companies, we also co-ordinate a supplier for toner, ink, paper and other consumables, and manage that vendor as well.

  • We can even negotiate contract renewals or find services that provide a better value than your current vendors.

  • Centralized Vendor Management is a proven method of reducing overall expenses and reducing vendor response time.  

Note: Some limitations may apply.

Vendor support contracts (cost borne by client) may be required with some major applications.


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